Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai

Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai Overview

We all like Dubai for its exotic locales, spine-tingling skyscrapers, and extravagant shopping zones. Here’s another part of Dubai that spells breathtaking action and gripping entertainment. The Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai is a revelation, an opportunity you do not want to miss. Whether it is to explore the old Dubai Creek or envision the contemporary Dhow Cruise dinner in Dubai Marina, this is a befitting place for your dose of wanderlust.

Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai consists of cruising around Marina Towers, yacht clubs, Dubai Marina, and more. The views are panoramic with open decks for you to stand and relish the enticing view. Sumptuous meals on cruises and floating restaurants await you while you board this cruise to infinite joy. Apart from the delectable meal servings, you luxuriate in the broad array of activities on this embarkment that includes live music shows and the Egyptian storytelling performance called the Tanura Dance show. The waterfronts at Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina are enchanting and will rejuvenate the traveller in you.

Dinner along the Dubai Marina, the mesmerising skyscrapers, delicacies from around the world, and the magnetic picturesque view of Burj Khalifa by the Dubai Water Canal is something that will remain in your heart forever.

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The Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai is a 2-hour marvel in the clear, peaceful waters of Dubai. The cruise takes place on the traditional Dhow boat. The vision is an unparalleled presentation of the skyline, an absolute treat for stargazers. Experience the best Dhow Cruise dinner in Dubai with amazing dance shows from around the globe. You also will get your dose of entertainment while you watch foot-tapping Tanura dance and relax while live performances play while you sail through the Logo Island.

The best Dhow Cruise dinner in Dubai is here and will unearth an illustrious memory for all. The fully air-conditioned lower deck is for comfort seekers and the open-air upper deck is for those who love being blanketed by the glowing beam of stars and moon. Book Dhow Cruise dinner Dubai and grab some of the best discounts and deals to fulfill your need for nirvana on this tantalising and irresistible trip to paradise. Don’t forget to book a Dhow Cruise dinner in Dubai online to get the best offers on the block. The Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai Marina is a lip-smacking 3-course international buffet with Arabic coffee and dates upon arrival.

Why you Should Book Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai?

With your family or on a romantic dinner date, the Dhow cruise dinner is relaxing away from the hustle-bustle of city activities. You get an amazing exhibit of global flavours on your plate, and it also helps you unwind and go stress-free. Also if you are someone with cultural curiosity, then Dhow Cruise dinner in Dubai is a wonderful way to collect the best from all cultures and learn from them.

The trip is economic and popularly priced considering the hordes of benefits coming from it. The Cruise is a super affordable experience aimed at those who want to enjoy it without burning holes in their pocket. The delicious buffet dinner is a mix of international and traditional dishes. The veg and non-veg buffet options come with unlimited soft beverages. A food and drink aficionado will surely have the best time of their lives!

Time to take dazzling photographs and create those great moments on the cruise. So don’t forget to carry your cameras, and put on your best side while you pose against the superstructures and the hint of orange of sundown. Also for those who love hosting parties and events, the Dhow cruise dinner Dubai offers is competitive. They are the perfect way to celebrate special occasions and invigorate memories for later.

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Which Dhow Cruise Dinner Experience to Choose?

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

The Dhow Cruise marina promises a lavish outing clubbed by the hustle of a host of mind-boggling activities onboard. On this elaborate 2-hour sail, the entire neighbourhood can be explored with access to both the lower and upper decks. The sumptuous meals prepared with the best presentation are all set for guests from all walks of life. Fill your Arabian nights with magic and reflections of skyscrapers shining in the night. If you are a romantic person, you can spend time at the open-air upper deck, else choose the lower deck. The live Tanura show is a perfect example of Dubai culture and art at one go.

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Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek

The Cruise Dubai creek is a meld of traditional and contemporary that takes the travellers to sights and buildings that speak of architectural wonder. The dinner at the Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek is all about quality, surroundings, and excellence. The variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will make it difficult for all to choose from. Dubai Creek is an essential part of Dubai’s history and is divided into two sections, Bur Dubai and Deira. Both sides of the creek offer glorious visions of the buildings and infrastructure of the city.

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Dhow Cruise Dubai Canal

An Enchanting experience, by all means, the Dhow Cruise Dubai Canal is a revelation on a traditional boat with the shimmering skylines of Dubai. The 2-hour experience is enough to take you through the illustrious Arabian vibe with sublime interiors and delicious finger-licking food. The international buffet has some of the finest dishes curated by fine chefs. The romantic setup, starlit skies, and the glistening structures will take your breath away.


Dubai Dinner Cruise Video

Explore Dinner Cruise

Experience the enchantment of Dubai with an unforgettable Dinner Cruise at Marina. Glide along the gleaming waters, capturing panoramic views of the iconic skyline against the night sky. Indulge in a sumptuous dining affair, savoring a delectable array of international cuisine while being serenaded by live music. Witness the city's architectural wonders as they light up, creating a mesmerizing backdrop. Whether it's a romantic evening or a family gathering, the Dubai Dinner Cruise at Marina promises an elegant and magical affair, blending luxury, cuisine, and breathtaking sights.

Traditional Vs. Modern: Which One Will Win?

In Dubai, embarking on the Dhow Cruise is a great way to attach yourself to the acclaimed culture of Dubai. Choosing between the cruises, the Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek certainly is a one-up considering the combination of experiences it provides. The Dubai Creek is a modernistic exploration expedition that will be loved by those who prefer to explore the urban and cosmopolitan. Join in this enticing activity and have a golden time with your loved ones.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Dubai, known for its contemporary style and buzzing activity has the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina as one of its main draws. Explore the extravaganza of the 2-hour sail taking you down to the major Dhow Cruise Marina Dinner places in the neighbourhood. Dhow Cruise Marina is a well-packaged wonder with air-conditioned seating areas, decors to die for and a partial opening towards the open upper deck. The exuberant presentation of food along with the eclectic settings are done along the lines of international standards and settings.

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Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek

If you love to explore the UAE civilization, then planning a trip here on Dubai Dhow Cruise fits the bill. There are many places in Dubai that offer the Dhow cruise creek experience. While on the cruise with abundant entertainment aboard, you will be basking in the city's transformation into a metropolis, an investor’s paradise. The dinner at the cruise begins with fresh Arabic dates and the exceptionally renowned Arabic coffee. Dinner from Radisson blu is accompanied by alcoholic beverages including whiskey, red wine, and other premium varieties. The cruise departs at 8.30 pm from Deira and from there it is a sight to behold. The Bateaux dinner is a luxurious experience of dinner with drinks. Your craving for exotic meals and glamorous sights end here.

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Know Before you Go For Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai Experience

Dubai Marina
Dubai Creek
Dubai Water Canal

A great dinner cruise can be enjoyed here at the Dubai Marina. Located at the heart of the city, the styling of Dubai will remind you of your last trip to Venice.The local and international variety of buffets is the unique advantage you will get here.

Timings: 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM (Everyday)

Duration: 1 Hour 30 minutes

Boarding Points- Depending on the package chosen by the tourists, most Dubai Marina cruises start at or near Dubai Marina Yacht Club, West Bay, Dubai Marine, Dubai.

Inclusions- Access to the comforts of both lower and upper decks- Freshly brewed Arabic coffee and date welcome. Post the welcome, you can relish the 3-course international buffet with a great range of dishes to choose from. Hot and cold beverages can also be combined with your dinner.- High-octane Tanura dance will add glory to your experience here.- Professional staff who speak English, Hindi, and Arabic will serve the guests.

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While you book Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai, do not forget to look at Dubai Creek. A holistic experience of great food, events, magic, and high-energy performances, this will be worth your time at affordable rates.

Timings: - Evening Cruise: 9 pm to 11 pm dailyDay Cruise: starts from 10.30 am and runs on hourly interval everyday

Boarding Points: Starts at or around Marsa Al Seef St, Opposite the British Consulate, British Embassy,


  • A classy trip along the pristine waters of Dubai accompanied by the spectacular views of Dubai’s high-impactful, statement-making skyline.
  • You can access both the decks, the open deck to get a look at the mesmerising hues of the sky, and the lower deck to dine and spend time in comfort and style.
  • Special Tanura dance for hyper entertainment performed by professional artists.
  • Delicacies that you will savour with local and international award-winning dishes prepared by professional chefs.
  • Meals are both veg and non-veg.

A cruise on the Dubai Water Canal is a fun-filled experience with a layout of the best veg and non-veg platter. The envisioning of the sunset of the Burj Khalifa as you sail by the Water Canal is entrancing. The Tanura Dance is a livewire performance that tells tales of traditional intriguing Dubai. This has a hypnotising effect, with great stories to take back home to the luxurious row and prolific culture.

Timings:Evening Cruise: 8.30 pm to 10.30 amDay Cruise: starts from 10 am everyday

Boarding Points: Based on your choice, the location of each Canal cruise will vary. With your ticket booking you will be informed about the boarding location.


  • Calm waters, great music, delightful meals, and luxurious experience is synonymous with the trip.
  • Dinner at Canal comprises a welcome coffee along with the world’s most famous Arabic dates. The three-course meal consists of mouth-melting dishes prepared in clean hygienic kitchens by the best chefs.
  • The entertainment consists of some vibrant live performances and the professional Tanura dance.

FAQs of Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai

What is Dhow Cruise?

A Dhow Cruise is a must-do for all tourists visiting Dubai. It is a great cruise experience, a fun way to explore both the old and new sides of Dubai. Dhow Cruise is for those who want to relax and have fun. Tourists and inhabitants have the option to book the Dhow for private parties. Dhow Cruise dinner Dubai offers are also tempting for a joyous ride which is also pocket friendly.

What are the best Dhow Cruises in Dubai?

There are many options and package deals when you aboard the Cruise. The two best options are Dhow Cruise Creek and Dhow Cruise Marina. Of these two Marina is popular as the Marina is a happening arena but Dhow cruise Dubai creek also stands out because it gives you a glimpse of the Old City which is hard to find in these busy times.

What are the activities in Dhow Cruise Dubai?

The Dhow Cruise in Dubai is an experience of a lifetime. As you enter the cruise, you will see a place full of soulful tracks playing and guests being provided welcome drinks. As the sail starts the guests are treated to some great delights at the buffet dinner including cuisines locally bound as well as international. Dhow cruise dinner Dubai also has some live entertainment in the form of Tanura dance, Sufi songs, and magic shows. Apart from this, nothing beats the views of star-studded skies while you are on the upper deck.

What are the highlights of Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai?

When you book Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai, remember the sail comes with some of the most prominent structures and captivating experiences. The Dhow Cruise offers you stunning sightseeing options in Dubai. The upper deck especially rivets your attention when you see the brightly lit architectural marvels. The elegant BBQ spread meal is yet another unmissable highlight. The food has a marvellous outlay from great spreads from global food zones and makes for a great experience. Enrapturing entertainment and bewitching live performances also is another highlight of the cruise. The Tanura shows and live musical performance is something that you need to enjoy the night.

How to Book Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai Tickets?

To book Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai tickets should be booked online as it offers a great opportunity to avail the best deals and offers. When you purchase in person, you might have to miss out if the cruise is heavily booked. By booking online you are in an advantageous position to experience convenience, your favourite spot, and the day you actually want to visit.

What to wear during a Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai?

For your favourite Dhow cruise dinner in Dubai Marina or creek, formals and smart casuals are the acceptable dress code. Shorts are not preferred while short skirts and sleeveless dresses are prohibited. Flip-flops and casual slippers are a big no-no.

How long does the Dhow Cruise Dinner experience in Dubai last?

The Cruise trip lasts approximately 2 hours.

What are the other things-to-do in Dubai Marina?

Other Things to do in dubai marina are-- Go For Yacht Trip- Enjoy Speedboat Tour In Dubai Marina- Go For Shopping in Dubai Marina Mall- Stroll Around Dubai Marina Walk- Xline Dubai Marinaand more.


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