Activities to Enjoy in Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina which opened in 2003 runs along a stretch of 3 Km of shoreline. The Marina of today is an amalgamation of great hotels, cafes, events, and markets that is a joy to stride by when in Dubai. There are several things to do in Dubai Marina, from adventure sports and speedboat tours to shopping and luxurious dinners at your favourite place. It is a heady mixture of adrenaline rush, relaxation, and fun whether it is an afternoon or an evening.

The nights are spectacular when we see the glowing stars looking down at us as we marvel at the magnificent skyscrapers. You can visit the beach for great dinner choices or choose an excellent high-rise hotel to relish the best views across Palm island and this is one of the best activities to do in Dubai marina. The walk at the Jumeirah beach is a great stretch that unravels your inner- peace and keeps you stress-free. It is for sure an excellent stretch for those who love beaches and also love to meet people from different nationalities. All in all, it is a lovely experience with food, water sports, boats, and great food savouring and appreciating the beauty of Dubai.

Cruising in Dubai Marina at Dhow Cruise
Experience Cruising in Dubai Marina at Dhow Cruise

Among the several things to do in Dubai Marina, the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina is one of the exclusive and unmissable experiences to gain. This is a spectacular dinner cruise on the traditional Dhow boat styled with Venetian interiors. The dinner in Dhow Cruise has great food from all over the globe including local favourites. Cooked and curated by the best chefs, the three-course meal will tingle your taste buds and make you want more. The evening at the cruise also will be filled with entertainment with a special Tanura dance by professional performers along with other live shows.

Go For Yacht Trip
Go For Yacht Trip

One of the best things to do in Dubai Marina is to set sail into the sea on a yacht. You can simply rent out a private yacht and indulge in a luxurious cruise from the Dubai Marina Yacht Club. From exploring the waters of the sea, and catching sights of the magnificent structures from the horizon, to enjoying delicious meals on the yacht, and sampling a plethora of drinks and snacks from the bars and diners here, a yacht trip in Dubai Marina is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Deep Sea Fishing
Deep Sea Fishing

The Arabian Gulf is the largest sailfish destination in the world, and when visiting the Dubai Marina, you should not miss out on a deep-sea fishing experience. Considered to be one of the most unique and offbeat things to do in Dubai Marina, you can rent a private yacht and then head out into the middle of the Arabian Gulf to practise fishing here. Get trained by expert trainers and try to capture exotic fishes while you are out at sea, including barracudas, cobia, tuna and more. Additionally, you can also catch sights of vibrant reefs as well as pearl oysters while going for the deep-sea fishing expedition.

Helicopter Tour Dubai
Go For a Helicopter Tour Dubai

The exciting Dubai Helicopter Ride is a fun way to explore some of the most distinguished attractions in Dubai. The fascinating tours take you flying above the iconic spectacles and structures like the Burj Khalifa, Arabian sea, Gulf coast, and a lot more. The aerial tour above the most prominent places in Dubai, lets you explore its architectural genius. The duration of the ride is split into various packages of 12 minutes, 15 minutes, 17 minutes, and 22 minutes. With so much to offer, this activity becomes one of the best things to do in Dubai Marina.

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Xline Dubai Marina
Xline Dubai Marina

One of the most adventurous things do in Dubai Marina is Ziplining at Xline Zipline. Ranking as the longest urban zipline in the whole world, Xline Zipline also offers one of the best unparalleled views of the marina below. It cuts through the sky from a height of around 170 metres, from where you can fly through a speed of a staggering 80 kilometres per hour, that too, in less than 3 seconds. To make it even special, your ziplining headgear is fitted with a camera which records a video of your entire experience. Additionally, each zipliner is assisted by expert guides for proper training.

Dubai Marina Mall
Go For Shopping in Dubai Mall

There is nothing better than shopping your hearts out at the Dubai Marina Mall when paying a visit to the Dubai Marina. A shopper’s paradise, the Dubai Marina Mall is home to more than 100 shops, boutiques and outlets, where you can get your hands on a variety of things. Some of the popular brands that you can find here include Adidas, ALDO, Bath & Body Works, MAC, Hugo Boss, etc. And after your retail therapy, you can even head over to one of the 200 restaurants, cafes or eateries to satiate your hunger.

Leisure Walk at Bluewater Island
Experience a Leisure Walk at Bluewater Island

One of the things to do in Dubai Marina is to take a leisure walk at the remarkable Bluewaters Island. This Island is located across the water from Dubai Marina and is divided into different zones such as hotels, beach clubs, retail, and leisure. This enigmatic destination also has the record-breaking Ain Dubai observation wheel having more than 200 retail and dining styles. The artificial island is also a abode to Caesar’s Palace, the ultra-luxurious resort with designer accommodation and a great dining experience.

JBR Beach
Soak up the Sun at JBR Beach

If you are a fun person and love to feel energetic soaking up the healing powers of the sun’s rays, then JBR beach is the ideal spot for you. The Jumeirah Beach Residence Beach is a fun spot to enjoy with your beloved company. Open yourself to a blissful beachside life and go to the beach opposite JBR, a district that is replete with hotels, lounges, and entertainment. The super busy cosmopolitan zone has a sunny beach which is easily accessible to anyone who wants to have a good time. Among the things to do in Dubai Marina soaking up the sun at the beach is a sureshot winner. Apart from that, there is plenty to do at the beach, from dining and shopping to parasailing and wakeboarding.

Dubai Marina Walk
Stroll Around Dubai Marina Walk

Stretching across an expanse of 7 kilometres, the Dubai Marina Walk offers scintillating views of the Arabian Gulf. It is the perfect place to catch the views of the setting sun while taking a relaxing stroll. Lined with palm fronds, and home to several diners, cafes, street stalls as well as restaurants, the Dubai Marina Walk is a great place to try local Arabic delicacies, or catch live performances while you are taking a walk here. The Dubai Marina Walk is also a great place to witness the vibrant nightlife of Dubai, in addition to catching sights of the skyscrapers and other structures illuminated with lights at night.

Dine in the Flying Cup
Dine in the Flying Cup

For a rather unique dining experience at the Dubai Marina, you can head over to the Flying Cup, and get hoisted 40 metres into the air, from where you can enjoy spectacular bird’s eye views of the marina, the Gulf and other attractions. Then, indulge in a one-of-a-kind meal, made right in front of you by experienced chefs, as you marvel at the 360-degree views of structures like the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and more. Enjoy watching the sunset from high up above the ground whilst you tuck in to a delicious meal in the air.

Aqua Fun Waterpark
Visit Aqua Fun Waterpark

We all love Dubai for its beaches, but what if you don’t feel like an outing to a beach. When in Dubai Marina among the several things to do in Dubai Marina, a visit to the Aqua Fun park has to be crossed out from the list. Touted as the world’s largest inflatable water park, this park will endow you with several unforgettable experiences. Those who love springing into action in the water, hopping from one slide to another, this entertainment area is perfect for you and your family. Aqua Fun Park is an award-winning park in the heart of Dubai’s most popular beach, the JBR. It has more than 100 obstacles that visitors need to conquer while in the sea.

Watersports at Dubai International Marina Club
Watersports at Dubai International Marina Club

Enjoying water sports at Dubai International Marina Club is one of the sureshot things to do in Dubai Marina. The club is considered home to the venturesome water sports in Dubai. The Marine Club is one of the most established clubs in the UAE and offers several water-based activities like jet skis, sailing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, and powerboating. The growth of water sports events in the Middle-east has been spearheaded by the Marine club. It also presents a holistic experience with a great array of hotels, restaurants, and nightlife for you to enjoy post your stint at water sports.

Speedboat Tour In Dubai Marina
Enjoy Speedboat Tour In Dubai Marina

Thrills and shrills are a part of this action-packed and gripping ride on Dubai Marina. There are many things to do in Dubai Marina but if you have not boarded your adventurous self on this speedboat tour, you will miss out on a lot. The RIB boats are well-equipped and handled by professionals with the most updated GPS, VHF radio, and engines that are technically sound. The speedboat tours can be done at any time you are comfortable between 9.00 am and 7.45 pm. The tour is a rapturous expedition for you to experience maximum buzz especially when you see the most celebrated landmarks of Dubai. While on the speedboat tour gratify the traveller in you by envisioning Ain Dubai, JBR, Dubai Marina, The Palm, and Burj Al Arab.

Visit Barasti

There are several things to do in Dubai Marina but the Barasti beach is one spot you have to have on your go-to-list. The captivating views of the Arabian sea, the clear crystal water, and the fascinating sunsets are breathtaking making this a perfect getaway. Tourists can also indulge in several recreational activities. They can go for different pool activities and also quench their thirst with cocktails and mocktails on the board. While you can have a lot of fun at the beach involving yourself in activities and frolic along the sand, do not miss out on the rooftop garden that captures the visual delights of Dubai. You would love to take your family out there or have a candlelight dinner date with your loved one. The seafood is scrumptious here and the sunrise and sunsets help you explore the horizon of Dubai.

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